Team Harry Potter

Knitting our way to gold

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Okay, I thought it would be silly and therefore necessary for a community specifically for Team Potter to discuss their projects for the knitting olympics. This community was created due to meanderings through these communities:



Membership to Team Potter is open. If you want to join in, pull up a post and introduce yourself and your project.

Some very talented people have made buttons, icons and backgrounds for all Team Potter members to use should they wish to. General rules involve not hotlinking and crediting the person who made it. On to the images:

Image made by LJ user beadslut

Many thanks to beadslut

Image made by LJ user wave_of_atla

Yet more thanks to wave_of_atla

yarnguy716 yarnguy716

yarnguy716 yarnguy716 yarnguy716

And still more thanks to yarnguy716

Team Potter... Knitting our way to gold!

Thanks go to daughter_moon for the title brainwave, artistic fabulousness, LJ knowledge and for the knitted style icon beneath: