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go 2010?

Guys? Are we doing this again this year? They're lighting the cauldron in a few hours. In fact, they're starting the ceremony in like a minute.

I nearly forgot about this. I haven't swatched and I'm still looking through patterns. Argh!!!
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This is a public service announcement.


Right, YarnHarlot has updated her blog with medal-like goodness, so if you made it, go grab it (link in bio if you don't already have it).

Also, if you competed at all you can enter into the prize draw, so email the following and good luck:


Over and out:)
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Perhaps I deserve a silver?

Slightly embarassed to admit this, but it looks like I'll be pulling a Bode tonight. (OK, I don't know how much partying he really did, but for my purposes assume he did a lot and that's why his performance was sub-par). I could stay home and finish my sweater tonight (I think about 10 more inches on the last sleeve), but instead I will be putting it aside in order to go to my favourite Mardi Gras parade. Nevertheless, I think I deserve a silver medal. =P I'm really very close and very proud of what I've accomplished in just over two weeks.

So to those of you who finished: congratulations! You're awesome!

And to those who, like me, didn't quite make it: congratulations anyway! You're still awesome! Just think of what we've all done in such a short time span. :)

I'm sure I'll be seeing most of you around hp_knitting, and when I do finally finish my sweater, I'll post about it both here (if anyone still reads it!) and there.
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spelling and grammar






Telly on with closing ceremonies on?




Bye bye folks, keep knitting, maybe see you about in hp_knitting?

ETA: If ever anyone fancies a chat, I can usually be found on msn... random[underscore]fat[underscore]bird[at]hotmail[dot]com
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Balls, and not of wool either.

I'm not going to make it. Gutting, but I need another couple of days. Just not spent enough time one it, all my own fault.

So, congrats to those who did do it, encouragement to those in that final rush and commiserations to those like me who've realised the futility.

It's been a blast, see you in 2008 for the Beijing attempt.


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just keep knitting


I will not be finishing my Olympic Knitting within the specified time frame. I have only 15" or so of the back of my Weasley Sweater done. Here's a nice closeup of the knitting I do have done, though:
Collapse )
The reason I only have this small amount done? I'm very nice and I said I would knit a scarf for a friend of mine as a present for her sister-in-law, Clair. So, I wound up knitting this scarf during pretty much every waking minute, leaving no time for my knitting/the Weasley sweater.
I was upset at first, thinking I was a bit of a failure. But then I realized that I had accomplished something different, maybe even more ambitious than the Weasley Sweater. 
To make Clair's scarf, Jason and Liz (the gift givers) and I picked out some lovely Cascade 220 in a dark red, much like my Weasley Sweater above. We looked at scarf patterns and they said they wanted something simple, with short fringe on the ends. I saw a scarf that had a 3x1 rib--it made it look like stockinette, but didn't curl. (I later found out this was erroneous, but I fixed the curling with blocking.) I swatched, and "made up" my own pattern of 3x1 rib (RS= *k3, p1* rep about 12 times, k3). So, I was commissioned to do a piece, helped pick out the pattern and yarn, made up the pattern, knit it, blocked it (My FIRST blocking experience, my first 100% wool piece), trimmed it and gave it away, all within the Olympic time frame.
And so, I say to myself: self, you rock! And keep working on that Weasley Sweater, before it's too warm to wear it. :-)
With love to all the Olympic Knitters who did what they set out to do,
p.s. more pics and info at my blog
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Aussie Gold!

I finished my Olympic project, at last! I just finished putting the fringe on it. There'd be pics, but my computer is dead, and this computer hasn't got the camera's software on it.

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